The Trembling Grass

The Trembling Grass is an interdisciplinary project in the fields of creative writing, the visual arts and ecology. Work takes the form of an exhibition, performance and workshop programme highlighting the current and potential conflicts between nature and humankind caused by climate change and the depletion of natural resources.

Featuring leading and emerging local, national and international writers and artists in these fields, the project will focus on themes of oil, soil, water and wood. The exhibition will include mixed media poems ranging from paper and plants pulped together, to texts that have swum rivers and turned into oil; all documenting and performing a diverse range of environmental actions and responses.

The Trembling Grass is curated by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, curator of CCANW’s earlier investigation into the fields of creative writing and ecology, Skylines (2009), and launches on 5th September 2014, alongside a symposium at Exeter University on “Green Connections: Environmental Responses and the Arts.”

It runs as part of Exeter’s exetreme imagination festival (25 October – 1 November 2014) and in the 150th anniversary year of the death of the poet John Clare.

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