Featured Poets (Poetry striptease)

A poet per day to be introduced on the blog in a sort of poetry striptease. Alpha order, means, immodestly, I’m up first!Burnett - swims - 3

Devon-born poet, curator and academic with interests in innovative arts, ecology and performance.  Her poetry and criticism have been widely published in the UK and US; poetry includes Her Body: The City (2005), Exotic Birds (2007, and featuring in the forthcoming Out of Everywhere 2 Reality Street anthology, 2015), THIS IS MY ECONOMY: Slam Poems for Quiet People (2009), oh-zones (2012) and swims (2014). She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Newman University.

Work Note

Title: swims

Medium: Event – Polyester, human body, ink, water; Documentation – Photos by Nick Burnett, Poetic text by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett 

swims is a long poem documenting my wild swims across the UK. The piece displayed features a swim in the River Ouse, a collaborative swim in the sense that participants wrote their environmental hopes and concerns on my swimsuit so that I carried them with me as I swam, writing the water with our collective thoughts. After the swim I noted what writing was left on the suit: GAZA had eroded.




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