Poetry striptease – Day 2 Allen Fisher

Allen Fisher is a poet and painter, art historian and publisher. He has authored 150 publications of poetry, graphic work and commentary. He edits Spanner and co-edits Aloes Books. He worked with Fluxus peformance art in the 1970s. His visual work is held at the Tate Collection, King’s College London and Living Museum Iceland, as well as in many private collections.
 He works from directed sites with a fuzz in Hereford. Publications include: The Marvels of Lambeth. Interviews & Statements, 1973-2005 (2013); PROPOSALS: poem-image-commentary (2010), Leans (2007); Gravity (2004), Entanglement (2004); Confidence in lack, Four Essays (2007), Place (1971-1981) (collected edition 2005); website: www.allenfisher.co.uk.

Work Note

Title:  _Frenzy & Self Control_, third series #1-4, after William Blake’s _Judgement of Adam_ and incorporating landscapes from moving trains London to Brighton and Brighton to London. 

 Medium: Graphite, ink and watercolour on laid papers, images 30 x 37 cm (12 x 14.5″), each sheet overall 38 x 56 cm (15 x 22″).

To see it you’ll just have to visit the exhibition!


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