Poetry striptease – Day 3 Anne Gorrick (& more poets to come today as the strip gathers pace…)

Anne Gorrick is the author of: I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008).  She has co-edited (with Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY, forthcoming in 2014), and has a new book of poetry, A’s Visuality, coming out soon with BlazeVOX Books (Buffalo, NY).

She has collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book called “Swans, the ice,” she said with grants through the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY, and the New York Foundation for the Arts.  She has also collaborated on large textual and/or visual projects with John Bloomberg-Rissman and Scott Helmes.

She curates the reading series, Cadmium Text (www.cadmiumtextseries.blogspot.com) and co-curates (with Lynn Behrendt), the electronic journal Peep/Show at www.peepshowpoetry.blogspot.com. Her visual art can be seen at: www.theropedanceraccompaniesherself.blogspot.com.

Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York.

Gorrick 2

Work Note

Title: Text Event (with Water) #3

Medium: Paper, ink and water

 I’ve been thinking about how to do this for a while: send a long poem down a Catskills stream. I knew the perfect spot – when we hike to Huckleberry Point in the Platte Clove, we follow the stream that bisects the U-shaped trail.  There are several beguiling points along the stream that are wide and flat and shallow, so shallow you can walk up it, and I thought these would be perfect environments for a floating, moving poem… In some ways this was a mediation between monumentality and intimacy, the longterm and the short, tiny pieces of paper wrecked on rocks, and the eversearch for new ways of reading and looking. 


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