Poetry striptease – Day 3 Camilla Nelson

Camilla Nelson is a poet, artist and researcher, currently based in Somerset. She was awarded a PhD in ‘Reading and Writing with a Tree: Practising ‘Nature Writing’ as Enquiry’ in 2012 by Falmouth University and is now Associate Poetry Tutor at Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Her text work has been featured in this year’s Bath Fringe Festival (Still Point: Moving World curated by Fay Stevens), Amy Cutler’s exhibition Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig (London, 2013) and Karen Pearson’s exhibition, Assemblage, in Yarner Wood (Dartmoor, 2012).  Camilla has recently launched her own artist book series: Singing Apple Press.

ed’s note: Additionally, Camilla is joining me in giving workshops as part of this project, and will also be giving a paper at the Green Connections Symposium which precedes the exhibition launch on 5th September, at the University of Exeter. Bigup to Camilla!

apple rot

Work Note

Title: The Same Apple

In September 2013 sixteen apples were picked from the same tree (Discovery) in a domestic orchard in South Somerset.  Each apple was placed on an A5 sheet of cartridge paper and stored in the same conditions.  The variation of each apple in response to this shared set of conditions was considerable, as were the corresponding marks left by each on the page.

Author: Camilla Nelson + sixteen discovery apples + bacteria + fungal variants + insects + sixteen sheets of cartridge paper + domestic + orchard environments (2013-2014).

Title: Pages & Pages: Appling

A series of sixteen pages composed of ‘tree’ materials (leaves, apple, grass, lichen, moss and rainwater gathered from or beneath one apple tree in Tremough Campus Orchard, Falmouth) and the printed pages of my confirmation of route PhD submission, Reading & Writing with a Tree: Practising Nature Writing As Enquiry.

Author: Camilla Nelson + orchard + domestic environments + materials (as described) (2009-2012).


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