Poetry striptease – Day 3 Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is a text artist and poet. Her work utilises hand made paper as a medium for exploring the page, surface and inscription. Her broader concerns include somatic language, visibility, and active explorations of the passive. She has exhibited and published both nationally and internationally, and performed at a number of events and conferences around Europe, including recording work for the ‘Archive of the Now’ (QMUL). www.s-kelly.co.uk

Kelly - sequences - sequence 14 (4th)

Work Note

Title: ‘sequences’ works in progress 2012-2013

 Medium: Hand made paper, ink marbling, text

The shapes the ink forms upon the surface of water are manipulated by both my breath on the surface (speaking a repeated phrase) and by my hand in the water (making writing gestures of the same phrase). When paper is laid on top the  impressions it retains show moments of the text in movement. Fragments of the text follow the same phrase, ‘I move as part of a piece of a sequence of a part with a move of residual’. 


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