Poetry striptease – Day 4 Kristin Prevallet

I am a poet, performer, educator, and clinical hypnotherapist; author of five books of poetry and three books about mindbody healing, as well as my edited collection of Scottish poet Helen Adam’s work, A Helen Adam Reader. My poetic practice engages the irritating reality of impermanence, uncertainty, and evolving changes of body, mind, ecology, war, world all happening simultaneously. This is another way of saying that I practice conceptual poetics as a way of thinking and staying alive in thought.

III. 6

The United States has no
oil oil the Iraqi people; they’ve oil too
oil in silent
captivity. Oil for
the oil people is
oil great moral cause, oil a oil strategic
goal. The people
oil oil deserve
it; the security of
oil nations requires it. Free societies oil oil
intimidate through cruelty
and oil, and
oil societies do not
oil the world oil mass murder. Oil United
States supports oil
and oil liberty
in a unified oil.

Work Note

Title: Cruelty and Conquest

Cruelty and Conquest was performed at Naropa University in July 2006, as a response to “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Iraq. It evolved from a OUILIO generated poem into a full performance in honor of Karen Finley, who was also performing that evening. www.trancepoetics.comwww.kayvallet.com 


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